Fractional CFO Services​

As  Fractional Chief Financial Officers, we provide ongoing support to our clients as co-pilots of the CEO in the financial controlling and the performance management of the Company.

Performance Management:​

  • Target setting on financial and non-financial KPIs for key personnel ​
  • Follow up on target’s achievement of the management team ​
  • Support in the decision making and action plans to align actual results vs targets​

Corporate financial controlling: ​

  • Analysis, interpretation and reporting of financial results ​
  • Ensure quality and timing of the financial reports  for an adequate decision making ​
  • Support on implementation of internal controls and business automation tools

Coaching and training of finance personnel:

  • Lead the finance department, ensuring an adequate structure according to the company’s needs
  • Assessment and training of finance personnel for future growth
  • Ensuring an adequate segregation of duties of finance duties

Fractional CFO in Mexico and Latin America

We are able to provide fractional CFO and fractional Controlling services for your subsidiaries in Mexico and the rest of Latin America, ensuring your remote team is aligned with the expectations of the Headquarters.

With expertise in both business environments, we help to maximize the performance of the Latin American subsidiaries by eliminating barriers from cultural differences.