Cross Border Operations​

Providing comprehensive and coordinated support in cross border operations across Canada, Mexico, and Latin America, through our own offices and our different partnership agreements with service providers. 

Cross Border Expansion​

Providing comprehensive support for North American Companies expanding operations to Mexico and Latin America;  and for Latin American Companies expanding operations to Canada.  

Corporate Strategy: 

  • Optimization of core activities in Canada and Latin America
  • International business plan to adapt the company to the local environment
  • SWOT Analysis, Risk Mapping, and Risk Mitigation Plan

International Taxes:

  • Support on international taxes to avoid double taxation
  • Legal support to prepare contracts between related parties
  • Tax planning through transfer pricing 

Business Processes Outsourcing for your offshore subsidiary:

  • Bookkeeping, local tax compliance and payroll support
  • International treasury management
  • Consolidation of financial information 

ADC Finance is part of Vive Canada Mx, the first platform designed to support Mexican Corporations looking to expand operations to Canada, through a network of professional services providers.

Additionally, we have a soft landing program with Dozzyinc for Canadian companies to Access the Mexican market.