Solutions for Smart Budgets with Budget Maestro by Centage

Centage Corporation develops automated, budgeting, and planning software solutions for mid-market organizations. Its flagship product, Budget Maestro® is an easy-to-use, scalable, cloud-based budgeting and forecasting solution that eliminates the time-consuming and error-prone activities associated with using spreadsheets.

Key Characteristics

  • Build a complete and accurate budget–in days, not weeks.
  • Perform dynamic and infinite what-if scenarios, changing your model instantly, without coding or programming.
  • Automatically generate an accurate forecasted balance sheet and cash flow statement based on any model or assumption.
  • Define drivers, spread methods and mass assumptions for any model scenario.
  • Customize financial dashboards with drill-down and slice-and-dice analysis capabilities for greater data discovery that’s easy to share.
  • Integrate seamlessly with your GL to promote data integrity and ease
    budget vs. actual analysis

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